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"Silk" - This natural fibre was first discovered and produced in China some 8500 years back as per experts and Historians. Silk has its traces in Harappan civilisation and was traded in Indus Valley also. We are proud that India is the second largest producer of Silk In the world. Tilottama presents is Silk Saree produced from quality Silk fabric with the most beautiful traditional designs. We have presented the Tussar Silk made from the traditional Bengal Handloom with essence of Bengali Art

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  1. Semi Tussar Silk Saree Red

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    Please ZOOM in for details of Saree.Every Saree has in built beautiful work which may not be visible easily

    Style: Semi Tussar Silk
    Fabric: Silk
    Color: Maroon
    Occasion: Any
    Care:Dry Wash
    Brand: tilottama ( tilottama is associated with weavers for its own production)
    Product Origin: Nadia, West Bengal
    Handloom: Yes
    Price: All Inclusive
    Category: Women Clothing
    Overseas Shipping: Yes (Visit
    Foreign Currency: Accepted
    Natural characteristic imperfections may be observed due to associated hand weaving


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1 Item(s)

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Saree and Handloom by tilottama